What is Japan up to now?

look closely n guess wt dis cud b...

r they pen wth cameras??


fellow frenz...u juz look into da future...
yup babe!! its rite...
dis is da tcnhology dat will rplace ur PC in da near future..

here is how it works :

in dis era of technology, scientists hv made da great dvlopments wth
Bluetooth tchnology..

dis forthcoming computers,u'olz can carry in da pocket...
wow!! hahha...=))

dis pen act produces both monitor n keyboard on any flat surface...

(mcam2 hal la zman skunk nih...all thing nk up 2 date..haish~haha..)

even tho,smtimes da product r out or our mind 2 think abt it...

all da function are act same at wt u wud normally do on ur desktop computer...

Good-bye, laptops!

hehee..tuh sje..

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