second tag!!!

salam sume....
rse cam dh lm x mngupdate blog....

in this en3 nk share psal tag....
my scond tag...
got it from cik nard kte...
thnkx lalink....xoxo....;j
lets check it!!!

bold da stmnt dat r TRUE..italicize stmnt dat u WISH were tru..leave da fibs alone..
but in here, aq juz pick wich it tru n wish 2 be tru...heee...sory ye nard...sje je xnk amek sume...heee~

  • i hate my grades (agak xmmuaskan lar)
  • i can drive (obses!!)
  • i'm bored or drvng (dpnds on stuation)
  • shoppin is bullshit ( dpends lar)
  • i hate someone ( of cz ad, tpi wt bolayan je lar)
  • i have an iPod (wish 2 hve)
  • my skulm8 noe abt my blog ( ad taw ad x....lntak lar..haha)
  • i luv rock emo bands ( totally)
  • high skul filled wth drama ( drama sebabak)
  • i luv btching abt ppl bhind their back ( ag2 lau rmai2...kcoh sdunia..haha)
  • i cant live wthout music ( tru babe!!)
  • i know how 2 cook ( not all food lar...)
  • i'm epi wth wat i hv ( greatful)
  • i luv horror films (obses!!)
  • my old frenz keep in touch wth me ( syg kowang)
  • luv my frenz n family ( of cz...sangat sangat sangat smpai mati!!!)

den,tag 5 ppl....
okeh kali nih suka suki kowang r nk wat x...
spe2 je leh nk wat dis tag...
no limit...no quota...
s long s u all epi...

hehee...tuh sje...

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2 Response to "second tag!!!"

  1. NARDtheNERD says:
    March 11, 2010 at 3:31 AM

    haha~..xpe dear~..thanks ye dear~..=))

  2. stuck says:
    March 11, 2010 at 8:17 AM

    thnkx soo much dear 4 dis tag...